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With 24 separate back-end systems handling an immense variety of services, it was impossible for EchoStar, based in Colorado, to share information between the separate applications. With over 6,000 customer service center agents for its over six million customers, the company needed to find an integration solution to tie together all of its systems.
Using the webMethods Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Platform, EchoStar tied together databases, billing (ERP) applications and eligibility systems for determining new customers. Web applications were connected with the outsourced billing system and many disparate sources  beats by dre beats of data were interlinked to create one single view of the enterprise.
Now EchoStar has an infrastructure that seamlessly integrates multiple vendors' applications enterprise-wide resulting in: improved business operations, the automation of manual  beats by dre prices processes, the offering of new customer services and the flow of information between systems in near real-time.
End-to-end integration including  beats for dre automated processes
Using webMethods technology,  beats by dre price EchoStar achieved end-to-end integration between front and back-office operations, which enabled new services for its customers. Essentially, customers can log and resolve service requests over the Web and open new accounts online.
For EchoStar, the integration improved business operations by automating manual processes that were previously time-consuming and redundant. The integration also allows EchoStar to  buy beats by dre complete tasks in a fraction of the time because business processes are automated and information can flow between systems in near real-time.
Improved customer care operations
The webMethods ESB platform gave EchoStar a foundation to revolutionize its customer care operations through Web-based applications that provided customer service center agents with immediate access to customer information. Customers benefit as well by having the ability to access their accounts online. Now, customers can upgrade their service, pay their bills and add programming anytime, from anywhere.
"We chose  beats by dr dre sale webMethods technology because it had the breadth and depth necessary to integrate all of its separate applica??tions, making them work together seamlessly," said Dr. Germar Schafer, Vice President of Information Technology.
"This integration allows EchoStar to provide its DISH Network customers with the very best service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week."
The webMethods Enterprise Service Bus Platform combines proven application integration capabilities, high-speed messaging, support for B2B, legacy applications and event-driven technologies to create the most complete integration infrastructure available.
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?Economic crisis? or ?recession? ? these are words you have heard of over and over, be it on the television or the radio and read in the papers. The financial headlines and where the economy is headed are things beyond our control. However, it isn?t all bad. There are steps we can take that are well within our control to weather the bad times. All you need is just a little bit of foresightedness to prepare yourselves for the worst case scenario.
How to keep your head above water
Many of you out there have been asking this question, or variations of it. People are interested in the ways of surviving hardships that they foresee await them. Here, we list some of the things you can do; things that are definitely within your control to weather such hardships.
? Manage your expenses ? watch what is going out of your pocket
To start with, scrutinize your expenses; identify your fixed and variable expenses. Variable expenses will include meals at your regular eateries, gourmet coffee breaks, shopping trips, which can be reduced and adjusted with a just a bit of self discipline and restraint.
How  cheap burberry bags about fixed expenses then? These are the regular expenses that you cannot avoid or immediately reduce with your changing financial situations. Items that fall under this category are usually the big ones on your spending list.
Examples of fixed expenses include:
1. mortgage payments for your house, car loan or student loan
2. insurance payment
3. utility bills and service contracts, such as water, electricity, phone and internet  burberry diaper bags services
While you cannot really eliminate these expenses, there certainly are ways to reduce spending in this category.
? Be an intelligent consumer
During the economic downturn, what a government typically does is to take stimulus action, such as reducing interest rate to encourage public spending. You can certainly benefit from this by shopping around for cheaper rates and better deals to refinance your mortgages. A variety of packages are offered by commercial banks and all you need to do is to choose the best deal, one that can cut down your interest payments. This move alone can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.
The same goes for other items. As the business environment gets more competitive, you will find an array of special deal packages and promotions being introduced in the market. You need to mould yourself into an intelligent consumer. Practice scouting around for the best deals available and make sure that every dollar you spend is worth it.
? Resist! Resist! Resist!
While you are busy trying to cut down on interest payments and looking for value for money alternatives, make sure you resist the temptations of further spending. Any efforts made to help you save will be meaningless if you deplete your cash and land yourself with additional commitments. So, Resist! Resist! Resist! Remember! Only spend on what is necessary and delay those that can be delayed.
?  burberry travel bag No more credit card mania
If you are one of those people famous for saying ?Charge it!? with no qualms whatsoever, then it?s high time you drop that habit.
As the market is flooded with credit card offers, it is quite common for a person to own a handful of credit cards. While credit cards provide convenience, it can work against you if you lack of discipline.
Charging purchases to your credit card is basically spending future money. The more you spend and owe the bank, the more you have to pay as the interest builds up. Therefore, in order to manage your expenses more effectively, limit yourself to just a card or two and keep track of your monthly balances. Refrain from letting your credit card debt build up and, if possible, clear all your card balance every month at one go.
Failing to settle your credit can lead to dire consequences. If you look at the number of people who have filed for bankruptcy, you will discover that the number is rather alarming with many of the younger adults contributing to the statistics.
? Build up your reserve, keep the money in your pocket
Once you are able to manage your expenses, you will find a pleasant surprise ? all of a sudden, you have extra cash! Use this to build up a reserve. This reserve needs to support you for at least 6 months of living expenses. If you have been laid off recently, don?t use that compensation to renovate your house or buy a new car. It is meant to be your reserve. So keep it for the rainy days! If you have extras from the savings, then you can move on to the next step.
? Generate additional income ? make your money grow
?Inside of every problem lies an opportunity? ? Robert Kiyosaki
If you are no stranger to the world of investing, then you can relate  burberry mens bags to what Kiyosaki is saying. Most people fail to see the silver line behind a crisis; it is during the bad times that you will find plenty of good deals in investment, bet it in the stock market, real property or other investment products.
As such, if you have the  burberry bags nordstrom extra money, make it a point to study  authentic burberry bags the market and look for investment opportunities within your risk tolerance level.
The bottom line is you have to be more careful with your investment decisions, especially when dealing with your hard-earned money in times like these.
With careful planning and self discipline, you should be able to keep yourself afloat regardless of the economic situation.

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