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作者: 呼风唤雨    時間: 2013-5-30 18:03     標題: 00 yesterday

(Reporter Mu Yi) yesterday morning,ray ban, a man armed with a knife into the Haidian District Town resort staff quarters,louboutin, chopped seven people, including two deaths. Subsequently,mulberry outlet, the man police surrendered the current case is still under further investigation. According to the waitress described one is chopped,abercrombie, about 4:00 yesterday, a man broke into their dormitories,hollister, then began rummaging. Quarters of people find after the shouting,louboutin pas cher, the man then everyone hacked. Someone turned on the light and found the knives to injure by Yan tree into a chef at the resort. Yan tree into chopped more than stop. The waitress said they FEAR,louboutin pas cher, and later learned that neighboring male staff quarters Yan tree into chopped. She also said Yan tree into a usually a kind-hearted man,abercrombie, and the relationship between colleagues is also very harmonious. She guessed might Yan tree causes of home for the holiday do not have the money to come to the theft,abercrombie france, was found after the beginning assailant. Haidian Police said knives to injure Heilongjiang,hollister france, 39 years old this year. Its after the attack did not leave the scene but chose alarm surrendered. Alarm police rushed to the scene to control. The incident led to five people were injured and two people were killed,oakley, and the dead were a male employee and a female employee. Currently,ray ban, five injured in hospital receiving treatment,ray ban pas cher, there is no danger. The police are on the case for further investigation.
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